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Conceptual Continuity

UV inhibiting narcosis with a subtle matte finish

31 May
"I know we've only known each other for four weeks and three days, but to me it seems like nine weeks and five days. The first day seemed like a week and the second day seemed like five days and the third day seemed like a week again and the fourth day seemed like eight days and the fifth day you went to see your mother and that seemed just like a day and then you came back and later on the sixth day, in the evening, when we saw each other, that started seeming like two days, so in the evening it seemed like two days spilling over into the next day and that started seeming like four days, so at the end of the sixth day on into the seventh day, it seemed like a total of five days. And the sixth day seemed like a week and a half." Navin R. Johnson, The Jerk

70s music, adbusters, air america, alex kotlowitz, alternet, architecture, art, atheism, b52s, bernadette peters, bill moyers, bloody marys, blue man group, blues, breakfast in america, canon ae-1, canon powershot g2, canon powershot pro1, caramel, carolyn hax, cat juggling, ceramics, civil liberties, classical gas, clay, cmyk, common dreams, craftsman style, cultural anthropology, cynicism, danny elfman, dark chocolate, digital photography, dmb, doonesbury, er, fair, feta cheese, flickr, flight of ideas, fonts, frank zappa, free thought, fsm, garlic, george carlin, graphic design, gywo, harper's, holga, humanism, ice storms, illustrator, imagine, impressionism, in these times, insomnia, james randi, jeffrey gaines, jim hightower, jim romenesko, jimmy carter, jon stewart, jref, karmann ghia, lee stringer, lewis black, liberal, lumpia, macintosh, mark morford, mark twain, meringue, michael shermer, migraines, mike luckovich, mixed states, mork, mother jones, mountains, mp3s, my name is earl, navin r. johnson, neo-fascism, neologism, new mccarthyism, non sequitur, notsomuch, npr, ocd, ogden nash, pagination, parmesan, pastafarian, patriarchy-blaming, paula poundstone, peace, pesto, peter gabriel, philadelphia roll, photography, photoshop, pier 1, pistachios, pixels, progressive, raku, raspberries, reality-based community, rhubarb, rizzo, robin williams, romenesko, salon, sarcasm, satire, schadenfreude, seal, seventies, slithy toves, snark, snopes, st. martin, stephen colbert, steven wright, stress, sushi, synchronicity, terra cotta, that 70s show, the atlantic, the daily show, the jerk, the nation, the office, the progressive, thermoses, thunderstorms, tnr, toffee, tom burka, tom engelhardt, tom paine, tom tomorrow, trinket boxes, typography, utne, willy wonka, winter, you forgot poland


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